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I consider it an honour and privilege to work with so many people through their jouney of life, to witness their move from victimhood – empowerment – surrender – awakening is inspiring. To see the shifts as the walls come down, the relisation that they are no longer a prisoner to the past events, traumas and current circumstances. The future is now a clean slate to live and create the life of their dreams — Kirstyn

Just spending time with Kirstyn is a calming experience; her attitude to life and the inevitable circumstances it brings is truly refreshing. She has learned some amazing yet simple strategies for staying in-control and calm in many situations. This is not just head knowledge; this is wisdom that has come from experience and methods that work. Just the simple act of “remembering to breathe” and focusing on my heartbeat has been so helpful for me in many different situations. In the busy pressured lives we lead, I thoroughly recommend making a habit of “Remaining Calm in the Midst of Chaos”

Melina Windolf, District Co-ordinator SU, Brisbane QLD

Hi Kirstyn, just a quick note to Thank YOU so much for all you did today for us. We feel Great & feel like you have moved ‘stuff’ off us today. Believe it or not, but we have had 4 contacts since we left you today! You have got us back on track again.. Wanting to help people… You are a true blessing for people & you open doors that are unknown to us.. Helping to turn Fear back into Faith.. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.. Thank U! Im looking forward to the next 3 weeks, to see what happens.. I know there is a bigger plan for us, but we need guidance to get out of this slump & obstacles. We were meant to meet u.. You are very special. Luv & Blessings to you & your family Kirstyn. xx

Kaye & Paul Fletcher, Entrepreneurs - Direct Sales

I loved every minute with you and your beautiful spirit. You gave me so much to think/work on, and I came home with this incredible calm all about me.

Jane Waterman, Brisbane QLD

I had a great session last Thursday with Kirstyn. She removed a number of blockages and the main one that I had been working on was my feeling of nervousness. Four days later and I’m still feeling great. Thanks, Kirstyn, for your help and words of wisdom

Virginia Bergman, Brisbane QLD

In my late forties my health began to decline. I found myself breathless with the slightest exertion. I blamed it on being overweight but nothing I tried would improve my health. I began losing energy and motivation. Finally I suffered tummy cramps and vomiting. This continued for six months. I was admitted to hospital but blood tests and the best body scans available couldn’t identify the problem. Finally, with a bit of a guess the doctors operated and discovered my gallbladder was inflamed, infected and adhered to other organs.

I’d always thought that stress caused tummy ulcers but quickly learned that the stress I’d lived under all my life was now killing all my organs and killing me. I’d died six months earlier during breathing tests and was revived. Doctors could not find my problem until I was on death row. Even then they found it hard to conceive how stress could cause my health problems.

Being in hospital on death row gave me a new perspective on life. I vowed to make drastic changes to my thought process, my job, my diet, and my spirit. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to have a team of professionals around me to assist with these changes. These included my GP, Psychologist, and Naturopath. I also have a wonderful group of friends to support me once they realised how sick I was.
Coincidentally, but in accordance with God’s timing, Kirstyn – The Mind Transformation Specialist – was launching her business. Her program synchronised perfectly with the other treatments I was receiving and gave me extra tools to use to release the fifty+ years of stress, including the day to day issues I was facing.

My road to recovery is a long one due to how sick I had become but each day I see improvement. I’ve passed the six months they thought I had left to live and am now planning twelve months ahead. Thank you, Kirstyn, for playing such a vital role in my life change.

Dave Barnes, Brisbane QLD

Thank you for today’s group session. I feel lighter and cleaner, and can see now how far down I had let myself get before reaching out for help. I have to remember what this feels like and maintain the higher vibration. It was a privilege to be blessed by your wonderful energy. I am grateful that you are doing this important and valuable work.

Dianna King, Melbourne, VIC

I highly recommend Kirstyn, her knowledge is extensive. She helped me work through a number of past events/issues that were holding me back and affecting my current thought process. If you want change your life I recommend calling Kirstyn today.

Kerry Van Gemert, Mortgage Broker, Gold Coast, QLD

Kirstyn’s knowledge and her commitment to assisting myself and others to remove blocks and live a purposeful and inspiring life is fabulous .. you need to not only experience working with Kirstyn, but also read her book which really will help you to move forward. Thanks for sharing this incredible work with me Kirstyn.

Pam Fallon, Connect 2 Clients Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC

Kirstyn offers tremendous value in building and delivering training solutions. On more than one occasion we have engaged Kirstyn to plan, document and deliver training solutions to a network of over 400 people. This included speaking at our conferences, webinars and developing a 360 degree feedback programme. Her ability to put complex topics into easy to digest, understand and implement is truely refreshing. Kirstyn has great leadership, motivational and business skills. Her ability to influence, create buyin and to manage people and outcomes is a raw talent. I really enjoying working with Kirstyn.

Rich Hoffman, Hoffman Consulting. Brisbane, QLD

I have personally worked with Kirstyn over the past 4 years engaging her for various training requirements within The Investors Club. She has been a huge support and mentor for head office staff through her excellent technical and interpersonal skills alongside her engaging and positive attitude. Kirstyn is able to adapt training methods to suit specific business requirements relevant to those involved. She is also a well sought after, inspiring and informative presenter and has received many accolades from her peers and public audiences. I would highly recommend Kirstyn as she would be an irreplaceable asset to any company’s training program.

Danielle Francisco, Events Manager, Brisbane QLD

Kirstyn is an engaging trainer with great industry knowledge and a passion for people to clear what is holding them back from reaching their goals. Kirstyn has a relaxed professional style in training and the student comes away ready to implement the content that has been presented. I personally and professionally recommend Kirstyn to any organisation seeking to lift their results with a balance of both technical and interpersonal skills, with a great depth of insight.

Robyn Atkins, Business and Property Mentor, Sydney NSW
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Success Stories

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