Are you suffering from stress?
Are you feeling guilty because you’re working longer hours and spending less time with family and friends?
Are you losing sleep due to worry and anxiety?
Are you not experiencing the success for which you’ve worked so hard?
Are you still not seeing the results you wanted, even though you’ve sacrificed your personal health and wellbeing?
Do you find it difficult to switch off and relax?


These are symptoms of stress that can and will affect your health. Fortunately there is an answer!

How to Remain Calm in the Midst of Chaos

This book provides you with the insight and knowledge you need to transform the negative perceptions that are at the root of your stress. The various chapters will guide and empower you to be better equipped to meet the stressful demands of today’s fast-paced and chaotic lives.

You can change the way you cope with stress

The way in which you handle stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed is linked to your genes, upbringing and environment. However, this can be changed for the better. You can make the changes to free yourself from feelings of stress and being overwhelmed. Purchase a copy of the book today and experience a new lease on life.

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