Live a life free of stress

My priority is to help you free yourself from stress. I don’t believe in quick fixes that don’t last and that don’t solve the root of the problem. My programmes are designed to provide you with long-term solutions for the stress in your life so that you can enjoy life and a newfound sense of freedom and peace.

What you need to know about stress

Having worked in corporate enterprises, small businesses and having raised a family, I am no stranger to stress.

Although I tried a comprehensive range of stress management techniques, I found that these tactics provided a brief break from the stress but failed to equip me with the tools I needed to resolve the situation. Despite consciously trying to live a healthy life, persistent physical symptoms indicated that I was simply not dealing with the stress in my life.

It was only through understanding the powerful connection between the heart (the subconscious) and mind that I have truly been able to conquer my stress and enjoy life to the full. Simple practices that realigned my subconscious beliefs have empowered me to enjoy personal and financial success.

How I will help and empower you

It is my passion to share this understanding and these techniques with you so that you too can be free from stress. I believe in addressing the true source of the problem rather than treating superficial symptoms.

Effective programmes designed to help you succeed

I have developed several programmes that utilise an innovative and effective approach that involves examining your subconscious set (paradigm) of beliefs. I will help you to clear the source of your stress, which is your current paradigm, and empower you to create a new effective paradigm that will lead you directly to personal and financial success.

I look forward to working with you!

To your greatness.



Kirstyn Marriott

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