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My name is Kirstyn Marriott, having worked in corporate enterprises, small business and raised a family; I have a very good understanding of stress.

It kept popping up in my life at every turn. I thought that I handled it well, went on a holiday and had massages,lots of retail therapy, natural therapies, invested time and money in personal development programs and the list goes on.

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We all have challenges we face, many from the past traumas that continue to haunt us, showing up at the most inconvenient times. We could be making a presentation and we get a flashback and our body shuts down. Frightened and traumatised always feeling on the edge, and the slightest of a threat sends us hurtling back inside our protective shells.

Usually trying to avoid people, objects and situations that remind us of our hurtful experiences. This reaction is debilitation and holds us back from living our lives meaningfully.

There is hope and you can change your life and remove the charge from your traumatic experience. I look forward to assisting you in setting yourself free!

Are you sick and tired of struggling
to achieve your personal or business success?
Are you experiencing feelings of overwhelm,
stress, anxiety or depression?
Do you constantly feel stuck and unsatisfied?
Always worrying about money, relationships, career?
Are you constantly struggling with your health, nagging headaches, and other challenges that keep you from enjoying life?

You have the ability to realise your potential

You do not have to accept that life is like this. The reality is that you do have the ability to achieve amazing things. You do have the potential for both personal and financial success. We specialise in freeing people from their mental, emotional and physical stress. It is about lessening the chaos and providing a sense of clarity and direction.

Your subconscious beliefs determine your success

Strangely enough, the answer to both personal and financial success lies in understanding your personal cognitive patterns and programmes that operate at a subconscious level. These subconscious beliefs hold the key to your success. It is only through understanding the unique conditioning and programming of your subconscious mind that you will have the power to change these beliefs and reap the rewards.

Why other programmes don’t work

Time and time again people like you are disappointed by their lack of success. Whether it’s a personal development programme, weight loss plan, or any other type of programme, your success will continue to be restricted by your subconscious beliefs.

How you can create the conditions for your success

Using an innovative approach, your set of beliefs (paradigm) can be cleared to make way for a new, constructive, effective paradigm that will enable you to realise your full personal and financial potential.  Together we can lift whatever it is that is weighing you down.

Success Stories

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